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Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Professionally installed high-end garage flooring for life. Our polyaspartic flake floor coatings provide a durable, protective coating to your flooring surface that is both aesthetic and functional. They can be used in interior or exterior locations to create a waterproof barrier against moisture, dust, and dirt. These resinous coatings protect against staining, abrasion, impact, and chemical degradation while providing a visually appealing finish.

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polyaspartic flooring

Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy

Discover the benefits of selecting Polyaspartic over Epoxy for your garage flooring.

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Luxury floor coating, expertly installed and built to last

worker kneeling in floor during polyaspartic flooring installation

Engineered to Last

Rugged flooring that stands up to heavy use and all-weather conditions.

polyaspartic flooring surface with mottled black, white, gray and blue flecks

Color Customization

Available colors to match the décor of any space.

sweeping a polyaspartic floor with a standard house broom

Low Maintenance

Resistant to chemicals and stains, and easy to keep clean.

background: newly installed polyaspartic floor; foreground: gold seal with Lifetime Limited Warantee text

High-Quality Look for Life

Professionally installed for a modern floor coating that lasts decades.

cross section diagram of layers of polyaspartic flooring; each layer is numbered (1-5) and described by the numbered text in this section

Ultra-Tough, Engineered Layers

Guarantees resilience under the toughest conditions, creating a long-lasting, beautiful look for your Garage.

  1. Clear, UV stable polyaspartic top coat
  2. Colored vinyl flakes
  3. Polyaspartic base coat for adhesion
  4. Color tint for lasting color
  5. Concrete substructure, sealed from any imperfections
cabinetry placed on top of a durable polyaspartic floor

The Polyaspartic Difference

  • Low odor and no off-gassing, for the comfort of your family
  • Withstands high temperature and incidental heat contact up to 300°F (149°C).
  • Never worry about hot tire marks on your floors.
  • Enduring colors that won’t fade from direct sunlight.
worker putting a final polish on a freshly laid polyaspartic floor

Why GarageZilla

Precision in every detail, every time.

  • 20 years experience installing premium garage coatings.
  • Limited lifetime warranty from professionals you can trust.
  • Company owners on site.
  • Trained expert installters.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Equipment

Top-of-the-line concrete grinders with dust-control vacuum systems that keep the front of your home clean.

Our Material

Polyurea base layer, full flake coverage, and a UV resistant top-coat for a watertight seal.

Our Process

From the initial grind and repair of your substrate, to final stair and curb finishing, we take pride in our work.

polyaspartic flooring

Garagezilla Polyaspartic Flooring

Take the first step towards creating a garage that is both beautiful and practical. Complete the "Request a Consultation" form for a free, no-obligation estimate. With tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs, you'll be amazed at how much more you can do with your garage once it's been transformed.

Available Colors and Coverages

Domino B-411


Wombat B-616


Nightfall B-715


Gravel B-414


Orbit B-414


Tidal Wave B-807

Tidal Wave

Cabin Fever B-127

Cabin Fever

Coyote B-513


Creek Bed B-716

Creek Bed

Madras B-706


Shoreline B-421


Outback B-517



Fire Bird Custom Blend

Mossy Stone

Mossy Stone Custom Blend

Why Our Process Works Best

Floor Preparation
  • Site Inspection: Evaluation of the area.
  • Surface Analysis: Identify issues and imperfections.
  • Surface Cleaning: Removing dirt, grease, and debris.
  • Repairs: Addressing cracks, holes, pitting and spalling.

  • Primer Application: Applying primer to enhance bonding.
  • Penetrating Sealer: Sealing porous surfaces.
  • Basecoat Reinforcement: Strengthen the substrate.

Flakes Casting
  • Flake Selection: Choosing decorative flakes in desired colors.
  • Flake Application: Evenly distribute the flakes over the basecoat.
  • Clear Coat Encapsulation: Applying a clear topcoat that locks in the flakes and provide durability.

Finish / Top Coating
  • Topcoat Application: Superior protection and longevity.
  • Even Spread: Uniform coverage with a smooth finish.
  • Final Cure: Results in a robust and glossy surface.
polyaspartic floor behind badge with text: limited lifetime warranty

Confidence, backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Garagezilla offers a limited lifetime warranty on our polyaspartic flooring for residential garages. This warranty covers materials and labor against defects in adhesion, delamination of coats, and disintegration of the final coat.

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installer cleaning up after completing polyaspartic floor project

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  • Provide us with some basic info about your project.
  • We'll reach out to you to schedule an in-home consultation.
  • Our experts will evaluate your substrate to ensure Polyaspartic floors are the right solution for you.
  • We'll email you a detailed quote for your project.

Estimate Your Costs

Number of Cars Square Footage Starting From
1 (250 sq.ft - 400 sq.ft) $2,000
2 (400 sq.ft - 600 sq.ft) $2,600
3 (600 sq.ft - 1000 sq.ft) $3,600
4 (1000 sq.ft - 2000 sq.ft) $5,600

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